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  • Spare parts and sales activities
  • Inspection, Welding, & Machining
  • Chemicals & Mud additives
  • DOWN HOLE Tools
  • Reentry & Fishing Services
  • Fire Fighting and safety equipments

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Spare parts and sales activities

Spare parts and sales activities

SDT has vast experience in this field with well-known companies in various sectors & has taken positive steps to attain the highest level of service for its clients.

SDT is an Agent & Distributor of automotive and industrial supplies. Materials for the international oil and petrochemicals, civil engineering, marine and mining Companies, chemicals, pipes, pumps, valves etc. We are continually expanding our services …

Chemicals & Mud additives

Chemicals & Mud additives:

SDT is a Supply house and distributor for loss circulation material.

  • We provide Water shut off material
  • Ultra-Seal (CLCM) which provides the best impermeable seal for leaks of gas through and around cement plugs and packers or other physical plugs
  • Ultra-Spacer performs all regular functions required of cement spacer. Separate drilling fluid from cement dean hole. Compatible with both drilling fluid and cement Maintain well control
  • Greases, Chemicals and Mud chemicals

Inspection, Welding, & Machining

Inspection, Welding, & Machining

- Mast structures inspection:

Crown Block – Jacks – Piston - Mast Upper Section - Dead Line Anchor – Elevator - Sucker Rod Elevator - Sucker Rod HOOK - Travelling Block – Swivel – Elevator - Tong

- Lifting Inspection Services:

SDT carries out Lifting Equipment Inspection in accordance with industry standards and applicable legislate on.
• Slings
• Shackles
• Turnbuckles
• Hooks
• Eyebolts
• Clamps
• Other lifting tools

- Planning and supervising of lifting operations:

Lifting operations need to be properly planned by a competent person who has both practical and theoretical knowledge, and who has experience of planning lifts.
The lifting plan needs to consider the risks involved, the equipment needed, the procedures for the lift, and who has to do what.
We provide the qualified competent lifting engineer who can insure that the operation goes smoothly and safe

- Tubular Inspection Services

SDT carries out Tubular Inspection according to DS-1 .
We intend to serve the oil companies by providing timely, high quality, cost effective Tubular Inspection Services. Tubular Inspection includes inspection of new and used oil tubular goods covering:
Drill Pipes, Heavy Weight Drill Pipes, Drill Collars, Casing, Tubing and Bottom Hole Assembly.

Inspection Service for:
• Drill Pipe.
• BHA (Drill Collar-Heavy Wight Drill Pipe-X-over subs ……Etc.).
• Mud motors, Jars, Stabilizers, shock sub ……Etc.
• Tubing and Casing Inspection.
• Mud Fishing Tools.
• Steel inspection for testing Tools.
• pressure test machine.
• Witness pressure test.
• Hardness Testing.

Welding Services

G6 And professional welding designs are provided


  • Fabrication capability
  • AutoCAD™ 3D Steel Designing
  • Welding Machine – Lincoln Electric
  • Carabide Welding capability.
  • Gas fluxer and Consumables.
  • Bore heaters
  • Churchill Grinder Capable
  • Mobile Welding Service

Machining Services

SDT provides high quality fabrication solutions specially in providing fabricated steel and pipe work for the oil and gas sector using CNC machines. We offer a comprehensive Stabilizers and Mills Welding and Redressing. We ensure that customer requirements are fully met, on-time every time. SDT fully qualified 6G welders cater to both in house and on-site projects along with providing all the equipment required to successfully execute each project assigned to them.


  • Fabrication capability
  • Welding Machine – Lincoln Electric
  • Carabide Welding capability (Stabilizers and Mills Redressing).
  • Churchill Grinder Capable.
  • Mobile Welding Service.
  • CNC Machining services.



SDT provides a comprehensive range of drilling products and services including BHA component Design, and impact generation. SDT offers to rent a wide range of drilling and handling equipment of foreign manufacture of different dimensions, made in accordance with API standards.


Down-hole tools include but not limited to:

  • Drilling Jars.
  • Shock Tools.
  • String and NB Stabilizers.
  • Crossovers and Bit subs.

Reentry & Fishing Services

Reentry & Fishing Services

SDT Oil Tools has a wide range of oilfield fishing and re-entry tools for the retrieval of lost or damaged tooling from the borehole. When damaged equipment falls into the wellbore the “fish” or “junk” must be removed as quickly as possible to minimize down time. SDT’s wide range of fishing tools for the oil and gas industry include casing scrapers, junk baskets, overshots, fishing spears, fishing jars, fishing magnets and more. Each individual downhole fishing tool is precisely designed for a specific function and to retrieve a certain type of junk. SDT’s wide range of fishing tools can assist with all your borehole retrieval needs. Take a look at our range below or contact SDT’s friendly staff for more information.

Fire Fighting and safety equipments

Fire Fighting and safety equipments

We are a fully integrated, Industrial safety service company, providing comprehensive safety management and safety engineering services.


SDT is an experienced Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) service and consulting company in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Forest Products, Mining and Manufacturing Industries. Our Integrated perspective on the management of HSE legislated and best practices requirements provide excellent opportunities to positively Impact your bottom line.

  • Breathing Air Equipment Inspection, Repair, Cylinder Refill, and testing
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • String and NB Stabilizers.
  • Gas Detection Equipment inspect, Repair, and Calibration


  • Fire Protection Product Line
  • Personal Protective Equipment Product Line
  • Gas Detection Equipment
  • Monitoring Instruments